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About Us

Florida + Law = MRTH

Markowitz Ringel Trusty + Hartog (MRTH) is a Florida firm. Our founders have South Florida roots and have been members of the community dating back to the 1940s. It was a logical evolution for our founders to establish the firm in Miami in 1980.  MRTH has been part of the South Florida landscape ever since. We recognize that South Florida is constantly growing and changing, so we too work to structure and reshape the firm in a manner that allows us to provide the legal services that our clients need and demand. Today that includes several practice areas such as Restructuring + Insolvency, Litigation + Dispute Resolution, Real Estate + Business, Probate + Guardianship, and Trust + Estates.

Attorneys + Diversity = MRTH

We refuse to be defined as just another law firm because we are more than that. Our logo – anchored by the large plus sign – exemplifies this view by reminding us that we are never just one thing and that we always can – and will – do more.

                                                                                       Markowitz Ringel Trusty + Hartog

We are lawyers + community advocates. We are professionals + family members. We are teachers + students. These roles shape us and provide us the ability to be more than just attorneys with a singular perspective. We are professionals with a broad spectrum of knowledge, experience, and beliefs, upon which we draw to provide our clients with excellent legal representation.

Dedication + Service = MRTH

It is the mission of MRTH to represent our clients zealously, creatively, and efficiently. We are dedicated to our clients above all else. This mission is the key to fulfilling our vision to use the firm as a platform to serve the community at large. Dedication to clients and service to the community are the principles upon which the firm was founded and still operates today.

During our existence, the firm has been known for its history, tradition, and stability. MRTH recognizes that stability can sometimes be associated with stagnation but forward-thinking is a hallmark of MRTH which works effortlessly to stay current, whether that is through technology, firm staffing, and even office design and location.

The firm’s size is one of the features that make MRTH so effective. MRTH is not burdened with conflicting interests that may be found in larger firms, and that may stifle creativity or even prevent representation. We are able to serve our clients in a variety of roles by staying lean, agile, and quick to respond. 

Indeed, MRTH seeks out professionals who offer the highest quality legal services comparable to anything you might find in the largest firms, while still providing one-on-one relationships with its clients. Clients, after all, are our priority. It is our zealous advocacy of their positions that makes MRTH special and ultimately unique in the legal community.